A Vision of Frugality

Isn't frugal just a fancy word for cheap?

If I were cheap I would refrain from spending money all together. By saying I am frugal, I have committed to spending the money, but I will take a few extra minutes to plan out my spending.
Generally when making a big purchase I will look for online coupons, check my favorite shopping portal (TopCashBack) for cash back offers, and then use either a cash back or points earning credit card to make the purchase. Just by using these steps I can save 10% with an online coupon, get 5% back from TopCashBack, and another 3% back from credit card spend. Being frugal is like giving yourself a pay raise without the added expectations from your boss.
In my opinion the difference between frugal and normal is the incremental effort and time spent. More simply, frugal is about developing a lifestyle where you become aware of your money, and the patterns behind how you earn, save, and spend it. Frugal does not mean going without…frugal means being strategic with what you have in order to make it go further.
Enjoy your family and give them more by taking the extra time!

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